"Calliope" Rabbit AI (Easter Egg)

"Calliope" Rabbit AI (Easter Egg)

You might have seen a curious little outro bit to the RVBBIT Winter Preview release date announcement video if you hung in there long enough.

I spoke about it a little bit on Twitter, which I'll include below. Still very much in the testing and experimenting phase, but it's a slightly different take on the "agent LLM" approach - having an AI "as an employee" model with clear task and ownership boundaries.

A unique thing about a "programmable & hackable" platform like RVBBIT is it gives things like LLMs the ability to create and communicate with the same tools as humans can, and that opens a whole new way to collaborate with them.

And besides, anyone who has ever worked in BI would agree with "Wouldn't it be great if an AI worker could maintain a dashboard after it has been published?" - take in the feature requests, make changes, have them approved, etc.

Literally the dream.

Anyways, this won't ship with the initial versions, but it's something I'm trying to get off the ground later this year.

Small thread below. Please hit me up on Twitter.

Video Link directly to the timestamp mentioned...